First Elite Enterprise (FEE) was founded in 1989, specialized in distributing the engineering equipments for pipeline system and pipe valves, as well as providing pipe welding technical support. FEE also aims to promote the automatic welding for piping system, standing as a leader in industrial fields and synchronized technology with Europe and the United States. Under the belief in importing newest welding concept and technology, we have been won the trust of clients from engineering design and construction industry in past 30 years. FEE will keep working on applying equipments and pipes to all industries and construction in the future.    





Establishment of today’s First Elite Enterprise with product supply in mostly Europe and North America - Introducing the most professional and advanced orbital piping devices and materials


Engaged in Petroleum industry – first use AVC + OSC controlling orbital welding machines in domestic market


Push orbital welding and cutting machines in food and beverage industry



Introducing French high quality manhole cover for wine vats


Semiconductor plants – first introduced high performance and easy operation orbital welding machines.


Establishment of display center – demonstration of piping system and special equipments


Heat power plants – introducing special cutting and grooving machine for large-thick walled pipe


Innovation of beveling machine and orbital welding machine, have eared foreign patent.


Move in Neihu Technology Park – expanded the display center and after sales service center. Introduce of bio-science pharmaceutical BPE piping equipments, valves, and endoscope for weld pass inspection.


Introduce of welding machines with internal water cycle control and ultrathin high performance machine for pharmaceutical and semiconductor uses


FEE has been consigned by Development Center for Biotechnology as CGMP pharmaceutical inspectors and inspection third party follow by ASME-BPE standard. Moreover, FEE had advanced the piping technical support into nuclear industry since the fourth nuclear power plant in Taiwan had ordered piping equipments with nuclear-level from FEE.


Establishment of Shanghai branch – Extension of knowhow and after sales service of FEE into China market.


FEE successfully extend +GF+ high clean plastic material into pharmaceutical laboratory in major hospitals, included Dialysis Center in Cathay General Hospital, P2 and P3 pathology laboratories in Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital, and Animal Laboratory Center in Kaohsiung Medical University. FEE proceed the transfer pipeline system of domestic hospital into sterile and high clean level. Due to plentiful piping technical experiences and excellent products sales, +GF+ has assigned FEE as technical service center with the maintenance license of +GF+ in Taiwan, as well as the technical training center.


FEE piping technology is moving into medical research and bio-science pharmaceutical era, and had cooperated with National Health Research Institutes, providing ultra-pure water system for injection.


Establishment of Kaohsiung branch – responsible for southern part of customers in order to provide local technical support, material, and services.

Cooperation with Department of Health for requirement of PIC/S in bio-science plants.


Providing plastic fusion technology, which is applied to large size pipes of PP, HDPE, and PVDF. Also had applied to Large Public Piping for Deep-sea Water successfully2010


Introduced sterility transportation piping, materials, and BCF welding into domestic bio-science industry. 


Headquarter in Taipei had moved and extended business of equipment, materials, technical support, and the third party of welds inspection for clients.


Since 2010, Taiwan started to implement international standard PIC/S GMP. All the medicine producers should follow it before 12/31/2014; FEE was the first company offering PIC/S GMP piping materials of ointment.


Our third party service in plastic welding inspection also extended to semicon metal part.